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Essays & Articles
Flex Shaft Articles
-7 in all: from handpieces to footpedals, burs to buffing.

The Auction & the Artist
-Is it smart to donate your work?

There's Something About a Tool
-We're not the only animal that uses them.

Starting Out
-Thoughts & recollections from back in the day.

-What are we waiting for?

-Making the case for taking on custom work and commissions.

Archival Responsibility
-How far does a maker's responsibilities extend?

Belt Buckle Musings
-Thoughts about buckles and what to think about when we make them.

Juries: Putting Your Best Foot Forward
-Make the best impression when you submit your work to the jury.

-What does the word really mean and what does it really matter?

The Market Place
-How far do we let it in?

And a Chicken Shall Lead Them
-From the book "Humor in Craft": making the case for the rubber chicken

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