Custom Neckpieces



As with all custom projects, the design and content of a neckpiece can spring from many sources. The "Astrolabe" pendant, for instance, was based on the astronomical and navigational instruments of that name, most famously from the middle ages. The  "7 Sticks " pendant uses seven sterling elements of differing dimensions bound by an 18k ring ro comemmorate that anniversary. The steel caged marble was commissioned by a heart surgeon, based on my teaching sample that reminded her of the early synthetic heart valve implants.


Personally charged materials often drive a project: the  iron nails in the "Antique Nail Pendant" held a special significance to the client and the piece was an adaptation of his drawings, while the ash (cremains) in the "Reliquary Pendant" are framed on one side by the profile of a raven, a special animal to that family.

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