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About the Custom & Commission Process

Custom and commission work is a type of jewelry, art and object making that I really enjoy. Working with a client designing a wedding or engagement band, for example, is a collaborative experience that leads to something unique and a ring that reflects both the client and the maker.  While I often design with clients in my Seattle metals studio it's quite common to work long distance: designing a ring, neckpiece or brooch can happen via email and over Zoom or a similar platform.  Samples, ring sizers and finished pieces can be swiftly, safely and securely shipped. Even non-wearables. Click HERE to see a larger sculptural project that was conceived, designed and built entirely via email and then shipped to the client.


Anything that you find on this site can also serve as inspiration or a  jumping off point , as can any drawing or sketch that you may have. 

Please note, that many of the images are documentary in nature, so picture quality may vary a bit.

Tim's Mantel Piece__double.jpg
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