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smith: To smite or strike. To shape and define by hammering.
Jewelers and metalsmiths--all makers, really-- are by nature inquisitive & adventurous souls, forging together idea, function and material. Today's contemporary fine art jewelers push way beyond conventional notions of what jewelry is and how precious materials are applied. The modern metal arts studio is a place where the anvil, computer and laser welder all coexist. And contemporary metalsmiths embrace it all: from the oldest traditions of hand making to the newest technologies.
The innovations of countless generations of artists and smiths have given us the traditions of our field and their process of discovery continues. 
Everything that you find here has been made by hand in my Seattle studio: Custom jewelry or commissioned artwork, steel or sterling, bronze, gold, wood or plastic; ring, earring and neckpiece: it all begins with the head and filter through the hand.

There are a lot of jewelry artist's websites but I hope that you'll consider this site a special gallery window and visit often. 

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