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  • Meta-Formation: Experiments & Rituals. Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Houston, TX. Juror's Exhibition Invitational. (Touring from 2019.)

  • About Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty. Fuller Craft Museum. Brockton, MA. Invitational. (Continued from 2019.)

  • Six Years Smitten. East Carolina University. Greenville, NC. Invitational.

  • Six Years Smitten. Continues to Cabrillo College. Soquel CA.

  • (Not So) Common Objects. Winthrop University. Rock Hill, SC. Invitational.

  • Brilliant! Jewelry Making Statements. 2020 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. Lake Oswego,OR. Juried National.

  • 2020 World Championship Belt Buckle Competition. Form & Concept. Santa Fe, NM. International Juried.


  • Crafting A Legacy: 40 Years of Collecting & Exhibiting at the Metal Museum . National Ornamental Metals Museum                  Memphis TN. Invitational

  • Meta-Formation: Experiments & Rituals. Appalachian Center For Craft. Smithville, TN. Juror's Exhibition Invitational.

  • About Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty. Fuller Craft Museum. Brockton, MA. Invitational.

  • Purpose/Process/Paper. Slemmons Paper Studio. Chicago,IL. International invitational.


  • Exhibition of  Work From Smitten Forum 2017. Gray Gallery, School of Art, East Carolina University

  • Presenter Exhibition. East Carolina University School of Art.

  • You've Got the Look. Center on Contemporary Art. Seattle, WA. Featured Artist. National Juried Exhibition.


  • Saul Bell Award. Winner 1st place in Alternative Materials. 

  • Making Our Mark. Bellevue Arts Museum. Bellevue, WA. Group Invitational.

  • Making It in Craft III.  The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. Lafayette IN. Group Invitational.

  • Metal +.  LillStreet Gallery, Chicago IL.  Group Invitational.


  • Refined. Juror's Exhibition. Stephen F. Austin University.

  • 13 Voices. Bender Gallery. Asheville, NC. Invitational. Spring 2016

  • Bellevue Arts Museum Biennial. Bellevue, WA. Regional Juried.Fall 2016


  • Assorted Objects. Appalachian Center for Craft. Smithville TN.Solo exhibition.

  • Elements Limited Invitational. Elements Gallery Des Moines, Iowa. Group Invitational.


  • Protective Ornament: Contemporary Armor to Amulet. The National Ornamental Metals Museum, touring to The Tacoma Art Museum. Group Invitational.


  • Ferrous  Velvet daVinci Gallery. San Francisco. Touring to 18Karat Gallery Toronto Canada. Juried. Catalogue.

  • The Intimacy of Attachment  Elgin Community College. Elgin, IL. Group Invitational. Catalogue.


  • Disparate Elements   Hershberger Gallery. Goshen, IN. Solo Exhibition.

  • Touchstone Faculty Exhibition   Falling Water. Mill Run, PA.  Group Invitational.

  • Humor in Craft   Society for Contemporay Craft. Pittsburgh, PA.  Group Invitational.

  • Humor in Metal   Scottsdale Center for the Performing Art. Scottsdale, AZ.  Group Invitational.


  • Radical Achemy   Courthouse Galleries.  Portsmouth, VA.  Group Invitational.

  • Tributaries   National Ornamental Metals Museum.  Memphis, TN.  Solo Exhibition.

  • Counterflux    G. Gibson Gallery.  Seattle, WA. National Invitational.

  • Andy Cooperman & Lola Brooks  Velvet da Vinci Gallery. SanFrancisco, CA. Two person show.


  • True Individuality: Adornment for the Hand   University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. National Invitational.

  • Off the Wall   Prescott College Art Gallery.  Prescott, AZ.  National Invitational.


  • The Art of Opening   Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia, PA. National Invitational.

  • Selections From Portals, Animates & Hymenoptera   Tacoma Art Museum.  Tacoma, WA.  Solo Exhibition (side gallery).


  • West Meets East   Bluecoat Display Centre. Liverpool, UK.  Invitational.


  • Metalsmiths Linking: A Cross Cultural Exchange    Gallery Yu, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry.  Tokyo, Japan.  Invitational.

  • Anti -War Medals   Gallery IO. New Orleans, LA (touring). National Invitational.


  • 500 Pendants   Velvet da Vinci Gallery.  San Francisco, CA.  Invitational


  • Microcosmix    Patina Gallery. Santa Fe, NM.  Solo Exhibition.

  • Northwest Visits the Northeast   Society for Arts and Crafts, Boston MA.  National Invitational.

  • Accretions    Pacini Lubel Gallery.  Seattle, WA. Solo Exhibition.


  • Portals   Central College, Pella, Iowa.  Solo Exhibition (as Visiting Artist).


  • Chess   Velvet da Vinci Gallery, touring to Vennel Gallery,  Irvine, Scotland, victoria and Albert Museum, multiple venues. Invitational.


  • Art of Gold   Multiple Venues, touring nationally. National Invitaional. Catalogue.













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  • Humor in Craft: "And a Chicken Shall Lead Them".  Essay.

  • American Craft Magazine.  December 2018. Essay.





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