Teaching & Lectures

"Give a person a fish and they eat dinner. Teach them how to fish and they eat forever."

As a student it comes naturally to me to apply one piece of information to as many scenarios as I can: To generalize from the specific. As a teacher it's my goal to share that mindset and to help students develop the creative problem-solving tools that will allow them to see beyond tired solutions and open new doors into their creative approach. 


Why The "Original" Imaginative Captures?  I feel that it's time to distinguish the class that I teach- along with the terminology that I've been using- from similar classes offered by others. This is the class that  grew out of my Studio Tips & Tricks workshop and that I have been developing for over 20 years.

Capture classes are either 4-day or 5-day. Longer classes allow for more experimentation and work time. Content is basically the same.

A few words about the Virtual Classroom: 

While  the possibilities of "Clicks & Mortar" instruction have always made sense to me as an augment to my Bricks & Mortar classes I have decided to hold off on adding to what seems a pretty congested landscape.  I would rather offer more intimate and immediate in-person experiences with smaller class sizes, moving slowly closer to "normal" as things begin to open up again. I'll update as classes are added for 2021. We have already taught several successful in-person workshops this year. Safety First, of course.


It Ain't Just a Drill: Getting the Most From Your Flex Shaft

June 14-15

This Two-Day Hands-on workshop covers the Flex Shaft machine from foot pedal to hand piece along with  the use of burs, bits, grinding, shaping and finishing aids. Nifty tricks & tips will abound! The perfect lead in to Imaginative Captures.


Miami University, Oxford OH

The Original Imaginative Captures (4 day)

June 16-19

This class is the perfect complement to It Ain't Just a Drill (above). Come to beautiful Oxford, spend a couple days honing flex shaft skills and then stick around for four more days of discovery: new ways to integrate all sorts of objects-from gemstones to enamels to .... almost anything you can think of. This is the class that can change the way you approach your work. 


Miami University, Oxford OH