Neckpiece. sterling, 14k, plastic chickens and Doug


smith:  to smite or strike; to shape and define by hammering.

Makers are by nature inquisitive and adventurous souls, especially contemporary jewelers and metalsmiths.  We benefit from the explorations and innovations of countless generations of smiths--from goldsmiths and silversmiths to blacksmiths and tinkers--who built the foundations of metalsmithing and our innovations continue that tradition of discovery. Computers and laser welders jostle for space in our studios among the hammers, torches and sketchpads and, while the process and material palette of the 21st century metalsmith may have surprised our forbears, I suspect that many of them would love where we've gone .

For me, the hand is still at the center of things and pretty much everything that you find here has been made by hand in my Seattle studio: hand forged, hand fabricated, hand carved, cast and hand designed.

Poke around, see what sticks. I'm glad you're here.