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The Rabbit Hole: Bellevue Arts Mueum Biennial, 2016

Exhibition Statement

This group of objects is about sight, more specifically about what happens when things go awry. Fixing one structure within the 25mm sphere of the eyeball can cause a collateral cascade that to unexpected places and ultimately upset the delicate machinery of sight. The pupil of the eye is a rabbit hole that can lead to unexpected places.


I built these pieces to be informational and emotive talismans.

Losing vision has been an unsettling experience to say the least, but researching and understanding the science and architecture that accompanies it has made the “new normal” palatable.


For those who recognize or resonate with something here I offer this work as a token of community and as a means of reconciliation. I hope that these comrades, along with those who’ve never personally entered the rabbit hole, will also find value in understanding.

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