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Workshops, Lectures & Events


What's the Worst That Could Happen?

Saturday, 6:30 pm @ Charisma Design Studios, 226 Cavalcade, Houston TX 77009

The classic Cooperman workshop. 4 days spent redefining the notion of holding, setting or integrating an object, from gemstones to enamels to found objects. Tips & Tricks galore.  CLASS FULL.

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The classic one-day-demo-only workshop, chock full of information on this incredible tool.

It Ain't Just a Drill: The Flexible Shaft Machine Revealed.

12/5 & 12/7 9:30-5pm MASSC Long Beach, CA

2 Day Hands-on version of my One-Day  Flex Shaft Demo Class.  CLASS FULL.


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Fall Makers' retreat

California State University at Long Beach


Public Lecture, 5-6pm, followed by short Q&A.


Imaginative Captures (Zengineering).

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