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Welcome to my wearable, sculptural or and object  oriented work. Call it "art jewelry", "conceptual metalwork" or "wearable art", each piece that you find here is truly one-of-a kind. I reuse and recycle almost all of my metals, melting and pouring fresh ingots from scrap. Processes include forging, fabricating, fusing/welding, forming, raising and a very small amount of casting. I use a variety of metals, choosing each for its unique color or intrinsic properties. Sterling silver, bronze, copper, shibuichi (an alloy of copper and silver) and steel all heat, hammer and form in their own way. It's like learning to speak a bunch of regional dialects. The spectrum across alloys and karats of gold, for instance, can range from the gray of palladium white gold, the coppery pink of rose gold and the intense yellow and sometimes more lemony tone of 22 and 18 karat. Gold is a wonderful material.


I am always curious about materials other than metal and look for those that resonate. Wood, glass, plastics, copal (a type of amber), salvaged bits and found objects all have their virtues. I'll consider anything.

Oxy/Propane neutral flame.
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