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From custom to exhibition, work & projects of all kinds. Follow the links to the pages where the pieces live.

Memorial Wall Piece.  A wall-mounted commission commemorating the life of a ceramic artist. 15" X 16" and centered around my brooch Abbreviated Prop. The brooch is removable and can be worn. See more here.

Commissioned Brooch. A mashup of a couple of my brooches from other bodies. Sterling, bronze rim & edge, 18k, opal. 2.25"w. Clasp details are here.

Stainless & 18k ring . Here's an update of a diamond that was originally  set in a 14k engagement ring 35 years ago. 1/3 carat. For more views look here.


Hexagonal Colony #3.   . 18k yellow gold, sterling, 14k rose rim and diamond.   Look here to learn more.

Dendritic Krater.  Fabricated ring. 18k yellow gold, sterling, 14k rose rim and diamonds. 27mm across the top.  Look here to learn more.

Mended Wing.  A new commission. Small scale sculptural piece, 3 3/4" wide X 2 3/8" tall. Look here to learn more.


Stainless Macle. The second experiment with constructing a brooch entirely in stainless. Fabricated and welded from 1.2mm stainless welding rod and .8mm 304 wire. Click here for more brooches.

Four new Lotus Pin/Pendants. Sterling, 18k or 14k, carved black plastic button ,paint.

Stainless Rosette. My first experiment with constructing a brooch entirely in stainless. Fabricated and welded from 1.2mm stainless welding rod.

Commissioned Initial Pendant  forged and fabricated in 14k palladium white and rose gold. The diamond is set in 18k yellow.


Commissioned neckpiece in sterling, white gold rim, enamel and stainless crosshairs supporting a diamond. The enamel refers to the family tartan.

Custom pearl earrings. Sterling & 18k yellow gold, stainless wires.

Client's pearls. Forged and welded.

Eye on the Prize: Tiara for the Self Involved.  Exhibition Tiara.  Brass, stainless, mirror and paint.

Pam's Garnet Milestone . Sterling, brass and garnet.

Tri-Quill Brooch. Three heat-curved and trimmed African Crested Porcupine quills. Brass and stealing rivets.  3.5" X3.5"

Ava's Yad.  Torah Pointer. Fabricated in sterling and brass with 14k rivets piercing a 9" porcupine quill. See a little more here.

Tim's Mantel Piece. Commissioned small sculpture to mark a 30th anniversary and 65th birthday. The recipient is a marine engineer. The piece references nautical navigational instruments as well as the nautilus. There are 65 holes on front & 30 cylindrical elements on the back. Pearl is the stone marking 30th anniversary. The main piece can be lifted from the mount. 6.5"w.

See the drawing here.

Thatched Pool Ring.  Fabricated, in sterling, 14k rose, 18k yellow gold and bronze with an  opal doublet.  More rings here.

Cenote. Fabricated, fused and forged in sterling, 14k rose and 18k yellow gold

and boulder opal. The "well" wall is 18k covered in 24k leaf. See more neckpieces here.

Square Lotus pin/pendant.  Carved and painted plastic button, sterling, stainless pinstem. 2"w. More Lotus pins are here.

Propeller Earrings  based on the propeller of a submarine. Commissioned  as a gift for a maritime engineer. About the size of a quarter. Entirely fabricated in sterling, 18k and 14k gold with stainless wires. They spin.

Heavy Hammered Band.  Custom ring fabricated in 14k palladium white gold. Carved with burs. 8mm wide.

Atoll Ring. . Fabricated in sterling, bronze, 18k and 24k leaf. The ceramic is a fragment of porcelain insulator that I fused and glazed in the kiln.

Holey Milestone. A brand new Milestone. Bronze, sterling, gold and diamond. With a stainless reflector behind the holes. Fused and fabricated.

Hunter's Horn Brooch. A custom piece built for a student who say the basic form in my sample box. I'm glad that it found a new life. Sterling, 14k rose and 18k yellow gold. Princess cut ruby. Fused, welded and fabricated.

Custom scatter set ring in 18k and diamonds. I made the original ring 20 years ago. It was great to reconnect with clients for this update using the original diamond. See more more on the Custom Ring Page.

Sable Ring. Sterling, 14k, 18k, fur. I've had this little bit of fur--bought at a fly tying shop-- a long time. $1100.00

Hexagonal Colony Ring. Forged, fused & fabricated in sterling, 14k, 18k & diamond. Each little hexagonal golden cellular plug was filed from a tiny disc.


Red Gas Valve Brooch #1.  Mild steel, powder coat. 3.5" wide. Built

during the January 2017 Smitten Forum.

Milestone pin built from a mild steel disc on to which a stainless #5 was welded--and then over welded to produce the thick "weld bead". The decimal point is 14k yellow gold. About 1.5" wide.

Two new Milestone pins. On the left is  copper and sterling. Forged, fabricated and carved with a small bur (built for the manager of a nursery).

On the right is a Milestone hollow constructed in sterling and brass.  Look at the Milestone page for more.

The client provided nine horseshoeing nails with which to build a neckpiece.

New commissioned Golden Intersect Ring. Forged in 18K yellow gold with 14k palladium white gold details. The 14kw bezel holds a .03ct diamond. 8mm  at the widest.

New commissioned Hummingbird Toung Ring. Wider than the standard. Forged in 18K yellow gold with 14k rose winding. The 14kw bezel holds the client's 1/4ct stone.

New Milestone (1/2 century) Pin.  Sterling & brass. Forged, fused and fabricated. Check out some more Milestones.

Hot Pink Icecap Ring. Fabricated in sterling, bronze, 18k yellow gold, .03 diamond, pingpong ball & colored pencil.

Clack is one of my newest pieces and one of my favorites. The quills swing and make a clacking noise when moved not, I imagine, that different from the sound that the animal makes when threatened.

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