Classic Quill Rings

In these earlier quill rings, I used each quill as it came, only trimming to length. The trio of quill rings to the right are the originals. The bronze, rubber and wood wall mounts (sconces) are the third iterations of wall display--and the best.


Each mount is forged silicon bronze. The setscrews are tightened with an allen wrench which expands the rubber plug and grips the ring securely. (below)


Quills vary in length and width. The longest is about 12 inches.

                 The Original Quill Rings                                   Ornate Bling Quill on Mount.                              Single Quill on Mount

using an allen wrench to expand the plug on a cooperman quill ring.
cooperman quill Ring on it's wall mount.
Detail of cooperman multiple quill ring. Sterling, 18k, quills, diamond.

               Hystrix on Mount                                                           Hystrix Solo.                                                         Detail Hystrix

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