Sculptural Rings

They're dramatic but wearable and even comfortable.  The same care and quality  in craft and material goes into these sculptural pieces as the Fine Rings. And like them, all the metal has been poured and forged into stock. Krater Rings are named for the profile of their shank which echoes the classic Greek "krater", a large vase or vessel that was used to mix wine.  I'm still adding to the Krater Ring Series and can custom build one using any ring below as a staring point or from scratch. Found elements are either used as-is, like the watch parts in the Clockworks or Michigan Brick rings or altered and "upcycled" , carved, painted and trimmed. An idividual ring is built around each element. As with all my work, I constantly reuse and recycle, melting and pouring fresh ingots from scrap.   Click here for a closer look.

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