The first little bundle of African Crested Porcupine (Hystrix Cristata) quills that I found became the three rings in the first image. I used them pretty much as they came, slightly bent, long and very sharp. In 2015 I found a consisitent and sustainable source for quills and learned how to bend and even twist them with heat and lots of practice. From the beginning I treated the Quill pieces as I would any piece of fine jewelry, fabricating with  gold, sterling silver and diamonds with high committment to craft. The original little suite of rings has grown to include brooches, neckpieces and, of course, more rings. The triple quill "Rooster" was aquired  by Goshen College in Indiana for their permanent collection.


Though they were never intended for every day use, it is nevertheless important to me  that the quill rings be wearable in some sense, if only for a brief- and theatric -moment or two. So I built wall mounts for them from which the quills could be removed and palced on the finger. Several iterations of mounts led to the forged bronze and wood ones pictured. The rings slide onto a rubber stopper which is expanded by tightening a set screw and grabs the ring. All of the Quill rings have mounts. They look great on the wall. 


The brooches were also designed to be worn and the curved quills in "Clack" move, making a soft sound that gives the piece its name. Quills vary in length and width. The longest is about 12 inches.


Click  here for magnified views.



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