neclace of sterling circles with gold net-like elements.hanging bronze pendant with golden cells showing thrusmall steel orb-like pendant made of scrap steel, brass, 18k
a choker necklace made from tiny plastic chickens and pearlshanging neckpiece with a lens that magnifies a small diamondnekpiece. Orange amber and sterling
pendant neckpiece of many tube sections in a cluster.diamondwoven ball pendanttwo white cones hanging from stalks, long necklace.
circlar red enamel pendant with yellow enamel arrownecklace with plastic chickens and pearls.
neclace of sterling circles with gold net-like elements.
Hover mouse over image for magnifierNecklace. Sterling, 18k. 20"L. photo: Doug Yaple
Price: $2300

Graduated Saguaro Necklace.

Every process in the jewelry or metalsmithing studio has its advantages.  Casting is a wonderful way to transform an organic material into metal. The central elements suspended in the hand forged sterling circles are sections of coral-like sea fan (or sometimes cactus skeleton) that I embed in plaster investment and burn away.  The cavities are then filled with 18k gold  and those  cast golden elements refined and then soldered into the frames.


At left is the first piece that I built in the series. Here is one of the smaller Saguaro pins.  

Ocular Series: Saguaro. Bronze, sterling, 18k gold. 2.5"

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